Travel Budget is a web application for discovering travel possibilities. It works with a budget and a time-frame to maximize travelling tours and options.
Smart tourists, when planing vacations, try to make the most of them by combining several low cost or discount flights and visit several places, but a huge amount of time and work is necessary to do this.
With Travel Budget you can review all your possibilities as it searches in tens of millions possible tours and allows you to navigate easily through the results.

Travel Budget uses Artificial Intelligence to find your results and is implemented with Scala and Akka. So it is easily scalable.

Here is an example of a problem it solves:
"In May, I want to travel 10 to 15 days for less than 200usd. Also, I want to be in Barcelona on the 14th for my friend's birthday."

It finds cheap flights, bargains and low cost arrangements that allow you to go very far for your money. You will always be surprised with the possibilities that it delivers.

The video is still from an early Alpha version. As soon as a Beta version exists, a limited Beta program will be created. Register your mail on the right so you get news.

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